Frequently Asked Questions

Living at the Ladies Home

Q: How big is the room?

The rooms average 10x12’ with a high ceiling, very large window (100x36”) and a very large lockable closet with a shelf. Some have double poles. Each room has a radiator.

Q: What is the cost?

Each resident’s finances are considered on an individual basis. Being a not-for-profit, we pass down our savings to our ladies. Utilities, meals, housekeeping, assistance with medication and personal care 24/7 are all include in one very manageable price.

Q: What about furniture for the room?

We encourage our ladies to bring their own furniture. It helps to feel more at home with your own things. We do have furniture available if it is difficult to bring furniture in. 

Q: Can I have a double bed?

Twin beds allow more room for other furniture and give a generous walkway for emergency access.

Q: Can I have a couch instead of a bed?


Q: Is phone and cable included? Can I use your phone if I do not have one?

Private phone and cable is not included. The room is cable and phone ready. There is a television in the parlor available to all residents. Ladies may use our phone infrequently. It is a business phone and the lines must be kept open. Private calls coming in are disruptive to business activities.

Q: Can I have a phone and TV?

Yes. You will be contracting with local service providers.

Q: Can I have a computer?

Yes you may. WiFi is available to residents.

Q: Can I have an air conditioner?

Yes, you may purchase one for your room. It must fit properly in the window, be UL approved and have covered grills. We have air conditioned space available to all residents.

Q: I like my home warm, what do I do if I get cold?

Our home is kept at a comfortable 72 degrees, although some areas of the home are warmer. If you are having a problem with the temperature in any area please see a staff member and we will see that the problem is corrected.

Meals and Snacks

Q: What time is breakfast?

Breakfast is served at 7:30. You may go to the dining room in your robe or housecoat.

Q: I'm a late sleeper- can I have breakfast late?

You may have toast and beverage up to 10am.

Q: What if I don't like certain foods?

You have the option to substitute the main dish. 

Q: What if I get hungry at odd hours?

It would be unusual for you to be hungry as we serve three meals and a snack each day. If for some reason you are still hungry you can request seconds. Staff will be able to get you a beverage and a snack at any time. We encourage you to attend regular meals for optimal nutrition. The better you eat, the better you feel.

Q: Can I take my meals in my room?

The only time that is permissible is if you are ill. All residents need to be observed while eating because of the possibility of choking. We have limited staff and they need to be available to everyone.

Q: Can I keep food in my room?

Foods need to be stored properly to avoid vermin and food borne illness. Family bringing in special treats for you are encouraged to bring it to staff for it to be stored properly. You may not share this food with other residents.

Q: Can I help cook?

Many residents like to help with kitchen duties, in the garden and light household chores. You may do so without coercion. We do cook as part of our activity program.


Q: Do I have to get dressed everyday?

Residents are expected to get washed up and dressed every day. We have so many activities to attend and you’ll always want to be ready!

Q: I like to walk. Can I go out to walk?

We have a beautiful garden with a walking path in a gated courtyard that is maintained. It is ramp accessible and the path is safe and maintained. A good stop off point after your walk is our shady porch. It is a favorite spot in the summer.

Q: I'm kind of a loner. Do I have to go to activities?

We offer activities to everyone. It is your choice to attend. The more active you are, the healthier you are so we will invite you each activity as they come up.

Q: What if I forget when or where an activity is?

You will be individually invited to each activity and meal. You don’t need to remember as someone will always guide you. This holds true for medications and personal care.

Personal Life:

Q: Can I come and go as I please?

Yes, depending on your abilities. Most of our ladies feel safer with an escort to assist them with difficult maneuvers or situations. We have a beautiful secure courtyard garden with a walking path and a shady porch that you may visit whenever you wish. We also schedule weekly outings.

Q: Can I have pets?

Unfortunately, you may not bring your pet to live with you but they can come visit providing they are well behaved and have proof of vaccination. We do have a house cat.

Q: Do residents receive their mail? Do they each have a mailbox?

Yes, residents receive their personal mail. Most opt to have bills and official mail forwarded to their POA. Mail is distributed by the RCA as it comes in.

Q: Who does my shopping?

Ladies here find that all their needs are met and are rarely in need of anything. If you do need something, please ask staff and they will get it for you.

Q: Can I keep my wallet?

Each resident is encouraged not to keep cash, important papers or personal identification that can be used by others illegally. Cash is safest in a Personal Allowance Account and you will have access to that cash during business hours. You will get a quarterly statement with your expenditures (such as the in-house hairdresser) listed.

Q: Can I have my car?

We do not have parking available for resident vehicles.

Q: Can I do my own laundry?

Our laundry facilities are located in the basement and are not accessible to residents. You may, however, fold and put away your laundry if you wish.

Q: Can my personal hairdresser come in?

Yes, we can make accommodation for your personal hairdresser. Please make arrangements through the Activity Coordinator. We do have a hairdresser who comes in weekly.

Q: Who provides personal toiletry items such as Depends?

You can get personal toiletries and Depends etc. delivered to you from the local pharmacy. Often family members will bring them to you during their visits.

Q: What if I'm a smoker?

This is a non-smoking facility. You may smoke in approved areas with supervision of staff when they are available or family.

Q: Can I still go to my own church?

Yes, you may still attend your own church depending on your abilities.

Travel & Guests:

Q: Can I go to my daughter's for the holiday?

You are free to visit family whenever you like. Please give us notice so we can make sure you have adequate medication.

Q: Can I have overnight guests?

We cannot accommodate overnight guests. There are many affordable hotels in the area.

Q: Can I go to Florida to visit my son?

Yes, you may travel. You will need clearance from your doctor.

Q: When are calling hours? Can anyone come in?

We lock our doors at 9:30 pm. If visitors come after 9:30pm they need to ring the doorbell. It can be uncomfortable for other residents to have visitors after that hour. We have a secure environment and doors sound when open. Staff is present in the home 24 hours a day.

Q: Can my card-playing friends come here and play cards when its my turn to host?

Yes, we can accommodate small groups with notice.

Q: Will my family be able to come for dinner?

We can accommodate infrequent guests with notification. We have private areas that may be reserved for small gatherings.

Q: Is there a place I can visit with my family other than my room?

Yes, we have several common areas which includes a covered porch over looking our courtyard for your enjoyment in nice weather.

Q: Can children visit?

Yes. We love children visits! They must have an adult accompany them who will observe that they do not run in the building and are reasonably quiet.

Health Care & Medicine

Q: How do I get my medications?

We have a local pharmacy that delivers medications right to our door. There are no worries about refills as we make sure your medications are here and are offered to you as ordered. This is all included in your rent.

Q: Who brings me to the doctor?

Family or friends usually bring residents to the doctor. We can arrange transportation with a non-medical transport company or taxi.

Q: What if I fall or get sick?

Staff is here 24 hours a day and is always nearby to help you. We will call an ambulance if you need one and we will let your family know what is going on if you authorize that.

Q: What if I need help? How do I ask for help?

All bedrooms, bathrooms and showers have a corded nurse call station. All you need to do is push a call bell and someone will be there to help you.

Q: Do you take Medicaid?

Medicaid does not pay for this level of care. Long Term Care Insurance will cover this level of care.

Q: Can I keep my medicine in my room?

Yes, you can keep medicine in your room provided your physician states in writing you may. Medications are to be locked up at all times. 

Q: Oxygen?

Residents needing oxygen need to be able to manage it themselves and not cause hindrance to themselves or others.

Q: Will I get help with my Blood Glucose testing?

Staff will assist you with your BG testing however staff is not allowed to do injections. The resident is responsible for actually performing the finger stick, and placing the drop on the test strip.

Q: Will I have to go out of the home for lab tests to be performed?

Many outside services come into the Home on an as needed basis. These services include in home blood draws, physical and occupational therapy from several providers, and portable X-ray and EKG services.

Q: Can I use my pharmacy?

We require all medications to be on blister cards. If your pharmacy can package your medication on blister cards, then yes.

Q: Do I have to see a podiatrist?

We find that most residents benefit from visits to the podiatrists and we encourage regular visits. Long nails and corn and calluses are not very comfortable and may cause falls.


Q: I am looking to move from out of state, what do I need to do?

You will need to follow our admission process which includes a face to face interview, and having your primary care physician complete the necessary required paperwork. You will need to secure a local physician.

Q: What if the power goes out?

We have a generator that will light the public areas and keep the house warm.

Resident Resources

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