Welcome to the Ladies Home of Oswego...

The Ladies Home is committed to providing a quality of life that promotes activity, individuality and above all, safety and comfort. Our dedicated staff and loyal volunteers are devoted to our ladies gaining and maintaining a lifestyle of independence and optimal wellness.

Each accommodating room in the beautifully restored Victorian home is furnished to suit the individual’s personal tastes. Our around-the-clock care, well rounded meals and daily social activities also promote the healthiest and happiest of lifestyles.

We take pride in welcoming you and your loved one to our beautiful residence, the Ladies Home! 


Where you will lead an active lifestyle…

Without the worries of preparing meals, remembering to take medication, doing laundry and cleaning the house, our ladies can relax and enjoy themselves. Families are free of worries; “Did Mom eat today? Did she remember her medication?” We find that three nutritious meals a day, medication taken correctly and caring staff available at all times, does wonders for a girl and reduces family stress!

We believe the more active you are, the healthier you are. Each resident is invited to join in all activities that include weekly outings (weather permitting). Our ladies are encouraged to be part of the Resident Council, a self-governing body with an appointed staff person who serves as an advocate. Residents make recommendations for change, custom fitting the program to suit themselves. Often the residents discuss the activity program and menus at these meetings. This is truly THEIR home and they have a say what happens here.

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In a warm and caring atmosphere…

Our unique home has been a pioneer in adult home services since 1872. We provide twenty one ladies with personal care and support they deserve combined in one monthly affordable fee.

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